Plugin Summary

Responsive Portfolio Image Gallery is a powerful, lightweight, filterable portfolio gallery plugin build with jQuery & CSS3. It displays portfolio thumbnails with many CSS3 hover and filter effects. By clicking on a thumbnail, it will open a preview and show a larger image with multiple carousel images and some other content like title, description and a link. The plugin can be used on different posts or pages by SHORTCODE.

Responsive Portfolio Image Gallery Plugin Settings

Responsive Portfolio Image Gallery Plugin Settings

Responsive Portfolio Image Gallery Plugin Features

  • Responsive for all devices
  • Easy To Use
  • Custom post type & custom taxonomy support
  • 2 color schemes, Dark and Light
  • Set how many post to show
  • Image thumbnails can be shown as ascending or descending order
  • Image thumbnails can also be sorted by post date, name and ID
  • Width and height of the image thumbnail can be adjusted
  • Exclude selected taxonomies form portfolio
  • Several filters and hover effects for image thumbnails
  • Portfolio title and description will be shown on expanding preview
  • Portfolio description can be hidden
  • Number of words to show for portfolio description is adjustable
  • Height of the expanding preview and carousel wrapper is adjustable
  • Multiple image carousel can be hidden
  • Custom CSS supported
  • Multiple language supported
  • Implement by Shortcode
  • All major browser supported

Plugin Screenshots

For more clear idea about the plugin some of the screenshots of the plugin are presented below:

Responsive Image Gallery Plugin Thumbnail View

Responsive Portfolio Image Gallery Thumbnail View

Responsive Image Gallery Plugin Expanded Preview

Responsive Portfolio Image Gallery Plugin Expanded Preview