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Clean CSS3 WordPress Responsive Pricing Table is a premium plugin developed to display Pricing Table in a lot more professional way. The plugin is designed with clean CSS3 table, and no JavaScript is used. Moreover, it is responsive as well, aimed to deliver an optimum viewing experience across a wide range of devices and in all major browsers. The plugin enables you to present various packages of your business according to your needs. You can create css3 tables as many as you want with unlimited feature rows and unlimited package columns. The columns (packages) and rows (features) can be rearranged via drag and drop sorting. Also, you can choose any color for the css3 table you want for each part of a column separately, using the ColorPicker.

Responsive Pricing Table with Different Colors

pricing table The plugin includes multiple package ribbons, feature tooltips, link buttons and check / cross icons. The color of the package ribbons and tooltip is customizable, using the ColorPicker. Additionally, to make the features and buttons of each package of pricing table more meaningful and attractive, Font Awesome icon support is provided. Google Font support is also provided to match with the font used in your site. Undoubtedly, I believe this responsive css3 pricing table plugin will work as a milestone for your business to represent various packages with relevant features.

Responsive Pricing Table Hiding The Empty Features

pricing table

Plugin At a Glance

  • Responsive for all devices and easy to use.
  • Pro Several templates to choose to create Pricing Table instantly.
  • Pro Option to duplicate a Pricing Table rather than re-building a new one.
  • Pro Import/Export (Backup) Pricing Tables from one website to another. NEW!
  • Unlimited rows and columns with unlimited colors.
  • Includes simple animations such as enlarging columns upon hovering or disabling shadows when highlighted.
  • Pro Option to add hyperlink next to feature name with ability to assign different color.
  • Pro Option to disable the feature name in the table.
  • Pro Option to hide empty features. NEW!
  • Pro Disable / Hide one or many columns instead of deleting.
  • Pro Option to hide any parts of the pricing table. NEW!
  • Enables you to include Tooltips for every feature listed in your packages.
  • Options to change the color and width of Tooltips.
  • Possibility to add ribbons to one or many columns (Unlimited Colors).
  • Pro 20 Check / Cross icons to choose.
  • Pro 13 ready-made templates design to switch between them instantly. NEW!
  • Pro Align price unit both in left & right side. NEW!
  • Pro Align feature name both in left & right side. NEW!
  • Pro Option to set price section at the bottom before button. NEW!
  • In-depth customization menus for every single option in your tables.
  • Sortable columns & features.
  • Pro Google Fonts support.
  • Pro Font Awesome icon support.
  • Pro PayPal button integration. NEW!
  • Pro Package images and videos support.
  • Pro Price Toggle Button Support. NEW!
  • Implement by Shortcode.
  • All major browser supported.
  • Pro Easy Documentation.

Plugin Features

Some of the notable features of the plugin is highlighted below:
  • Ready-Made Template

    Several Ready-made Templates

    To understand and create a pricing table easily, there are 11 ready-made css3 table templates. Just select a template and click on Create Table button to create a responsive pricing table instantly!

  • Duplicate Table

    Duplicate a Pricing Table

    After creating a pricing table you don’t need to make another pricing table from the beginning. Just click on the duplicate icon of the pricing table and you will get another same pricing table instantly!

  • Import Export

    Import/Export Pricing Table

    You can backup all of your pricing tables by exporting them and save on your computer. The backup file contains all configuration and setting options of your pricing tables. After exporting, you can either use the backup file to restore your pricing table settings on the same site again or another WordPress site.

  • PayPal Button

    PayPal Button Integration

    Payment buttons let you securely accept credit card, debit card, or PayPal payments on your website from any mobile device, tablet, or PC.

  • Pricing Toggle

    Monthly - Yearly Pricing Toggle

    If you want to display multiple currencies (two currencies at once) or allow customers to toggle between monthly or yearly plans of your products, pricing toggle button will make it to do.

  • Font Awesome Icon

    Font Awesome Icon Support

    Font Awesome is an amazing tool, ranging from 600+ pictographic icons, which you can add to your pricing table for a beautiful visual appeal.

  • Google Web Fonts

    Google Web Fonts Support

    Google Web Fonts provides you with over 680 optimized fonts. Google Web Fonts will surely help you find the font that is compatible with your website which will give your customers a pleasant experience.

  • Hide Any Part

    Hide Any Part of the Pricing table

    You can hide each part of the pricing table so that you can present the pricing table in different way, like Profile Listing or some General Info about your work.

  • Check and Cross Icon

    Check and Cross Icons Support

    Check and Cross icon will ensure the availability of a feature in a package. If the feature is available, the check icon will appear otherwise the cross icon will appear.

  • Hide Empty Features

    Hide Empty Features

    Many users don't want to show empty rows in the feature section. CCWR Pricing Table plugin has the option to hide empty feature so that users can present css3 table more clearly.

  • Image and Video

    Image and Video Support

    You may display images or videos (YouTube only) on your packages to give a better visual appeal to boost the attractiveness of your pricing table.

  • Hide Column

    Hide One or Many Columns

    After creating a responsive pricing table if you decided not to show one or more columns, instead of deleting you can disable / hide those columns. Later you can again reactivate the inactive columns.

  • Drag and Drop

    Drag and Drop Support

    The existing table can be rearranged via drag and drop sorting in two ways: Drag and Drop Column (Package) sorting Drag and Drop Row (Feature) sorting.

  • Multi Language

    Multi Language Support

    The plugin has been developed with the support of Multi Languages so that it can easily be translated into other languages. You can use any open source tool or an online translation service when translating.

  • Shortcode

    Shortcode Support

    Each pricing table has a separate shortcode with an auto generated unique ID. If a post or page is published by entering the shortcode, the pricing table will appear on that post or page according to the table ID.

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by Christopher Daly on CCWRPT
It's a nice plugin

It's a nice plugin - lots of control - I have clients where this will work very well for them. Nice job!

Very comprehensive plugin!

I'm amazed by how many features this plugin has. I could build the EXACT pricing table I had in mind!

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